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About the Author - Philip K. Dick
Introduction to Philip K. Dick
Philip K. Dick's Official Biography
PKD Photo Gallery
  PKD Photo Gallery -
The Early Years
  PKD at five months old
  In His Carriage
  Smiling, at age 2
  His mother, Dorothy Kindred
  With his father, Edgar
  Cowboy Philip
  PKD, age 6
  The Young Author
  PKD Photo Gallery -
Family and Career
  PKD at home, with lamb
  As a young man
  PKD with his new beard
  With wife, Anne
  With wife Nancy and daughter Isa
  PKD and daughter Isa
  PKD and son Chris
  PKD and daughter Laura
  PKD Photo Gallery -
Famed Author
  Philip K. Dick Portrait
  With a copy of "Flow My Tears.."
  With Bishop James Pike
  Reading Blade Runner article
  PKD portrait with cat
  Giving a lecture
  With Director Ridley Scott
  PKD Photo Gallery -
Other Images
  PKD's Hugo Award
  John W. Campbell Award
  PKD's typewriter and mug
  Final Resting Place
Philip K. Dick's Body of Work
List of all his novels, sorted by year
  The Man In The High Castle
List of all his short stories,
sorted by year
List of collections,
sorted by year
List of non-fiction essays,
sorted by year
Films based on Philip K. Dick's novels and stories
Introduction to movies based on PKD's work
Blade Runner
  Production Sketch 1
  Production Sketch 2
Total Recall
Minority Report
Other Films
  Confessions d'un Barjo
Other Adaptations
Philip K. Dick in the Media
Headlines and Main Media Page
Magazine Articles
  Aquarian article
  Bertrand article
  Denver Clarion article
  London Telegraph article
  SFEye 87
  SFEye 96
  SF Review
  Twilight Zone
Print Interviews
Audio Content
Press Release
Exclusive Content
Introduction to Exclusive Content
Philip K. Dick's Exegesis
  Page starting "There is a direct..."
  Page starting "There is another..."
  Page starting "The victory..."
Rare or unpublished letters
  To the Ladd Company
  To NBC Magazine
Rare or unpublished writings
  The "Acts Of Paul"
PKD site Links
Contact and Credits page
Philip K. Dick Award
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