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Philip K. Dick was a prolific writer both professionally and personally. In addition to the volumes of novels and short stories, he penned hundreds of letters, essays and an 8,000 page Exegesis in which he explored the mysteries of the universe.

The Philip K. Dick Trust is pleased to present these selections from the author's extensive archives. We will be adding rarely seen and previously unavailable works each month, including pages from the Exegesis. We hope you enjoy these selections which we believe offer a unique glimpse into the mind of Philip K. Dick.

Pages from "The Exegesis"
In 1974, Philip K. Dick had an experience which he described as "an invasion of my mind by a transcendentally rational mind." He then began recording his thoughts into a journal which he called, "The Exegesis." This section contains scans of actual pages from that journal.

Previously Unpublished or Rare Writings
When preparing a new novel or story, the author often put his preliminary ideas to paper. These writings are intriguing in a historical context, as they frequently illustrate his process for developing plots and characters.

Personal and Business Letters
Even in his personal and business correspondence, Philip K. Dick often presented unique and visionary ideas regarding the world... and the future.

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