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On behalf of Philip K. Dick's children, welcome to the Official Philip K. Dick website. We endeavor to create a venue for new readers, as well as a valuable resource for the loyal fans who have enjoyed his works for years. It is a work in progress, but one nevertheless that we hope you will find useful, and also truly enjoy.

Since our father's passing over 25 years ago, we have taken seriously the job of stewards of his works. Our primary concern has been to maintain the integrity of his work today, and for posterity. It is in this spirit, and motivated by the enthusiasm for our father's work, that we bring new and exciting material to Philip K. Dick fans through this official site.

We will continue to build upon the foundation by contributing new and rarely seen material each month. Additional pages of the Exegesis will be added, personal and business letters will be shared, and we may even contribute our own stories and memories of our father. We welcome contributions, whether it is an additional book cover to add to the collection, a letter or photo from someone who knew him, or a suggestion on how we can improve this site. You can either use the contact form, or feel free to post feedback in the forum at Jason Koornick's - the genesis of a great Philip K. Dick web presence .

An Open Letter to PKD Fans from the Philip K. Dick Trust
On the web site launch, Hollywood adaptations and dissenting opinions. (December 10, 2003)

Phliip K. Dick's Official Biography
written by Lawrence Sutin

Photo Gallery
Images from his professional and private life

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