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"Paycheck" the story is available as part of the collection, "Paycheck and 24 Other Classic Stories by Philip K. Dick", published in 2003.

"How much is a key to a bus locker worth? One day it's worth 25 cents, the next day thousands of dollars. In this story, I got to thinking that there are times in our lives when having a dime to make a phone call spells the difference between life and death. Keys, small change, maybe a theater ticket-how about a parking receipt for a Jaguar? All I had to do was link this idea up with time travel to see how the small and useless, under the wise eyes of a time traveler, might signify a great deal more. He would know when that dime might save your life. And, back in the past again, he might prefer that dime to any amount of money, no matter how large."
   -- Original story notes, Philip K. Dick

Film Title:

Based on:

Year Released:

John Woo

Cast and Characters:
Ben Affleck as Michael Jennings
Uma Thurman as Rachel
Aaron Eckhart as Rethrick
Michael C. Hall as Agent
Emily Holmes as Betsy

About the Film:
Paycheck is about engineering genius Michael Jennings (Ben Affleck), who does specialized projects for high-tech corporations. Once a job is complete, his memory is erased so as not to divulge any company secrets. Highly paid for his work, Jennings expects to earn $90 million for this latest 3-year project, but upon completion of the job, instead of a big paycheck, he is given an envelope full of random objects and told that he has agreed to forfeit all payment. With his memory erased per usual, Jennings has no defense, until he discovers that the objects are clues to his past. Now, with the help of Rachel (Uma Thurman), the woman he has worked with and loved for the last three years, Jennings is in a race against time to put the pieces of his past together before the people he once worked for have him killed.

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