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Philip K. Dick's correspondence to family, friends, associates, fans and even government officials provide a candid glimpse into the author's life and work. His letters, many of which were published in a five volume-set called "The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick", are of even greater interest to PKD fans and scholars considering that they probably wouldn't be available had the author been alive during the Internet age when e-mail has all but replaced paper letters.

We will be unveiling more previously unseen and unpublished letters from the author's archives in this section of the web site. On behalf of the Philip K. Dick Trust, we hope you find these letters as fascinating as we do.
Letter to Orange County Drug Information Service - October 2, 1972
This letter was written just a few months before the outline for his novel, A Scanner Darkly. In it, Philip K. Dick offers to speak to addicts and young people about the dangers of drug abuse.
Letter to Orange County Department of Mental Health - December 2, 1972
In this letter, Philip K. Dick shares some thoughts about drug abuse that foreshadow the ideas in A Scanner Darkly.
Letter to Scott Meredith - February 28, 1973
Philip K. Dick shares his excitement with his agent about the recently completed outline for A Scanner Darkly which "is shaping up to be the greatest novel ever written. Or at least the greatest novel I've ever written anyhow," according to PKD.
Letter to Scott Meredith - March 20, 1973
More thoughts on A Scanner Darkly.
Letter to Jeff Walker at The Ladd Company - October 11, 1981
The author shares his enthusiasm for the upcoming release of "Blade Runner" with the production company.
Letter to NBC Magazine regarding Mickey Spillane segment - February 12, 1982
In one of his last letters, PKD praises a recent NBC Magazine segment on Mickey Spillane, and offers some intriguing insights into his own life.
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