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Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick
Pantheon Books, November 2002
by Paul Williams, former literary executor, Philip K. Dick Estate

Philip K. Dick wrote approximately 121 short stories, most of them for science fiction magazines. His writing career began, and in many ways he found his voice as an author, in 1952-1953, when he wrote and sold 67 stories, five of which have been made into films as of late 2003. A list of all of Philip K. Dick's short stories can be found below, organized by year of first publication.

In 1968, in an introduction written for one of his story collections, Dick said: "What a science fiction story really requires is the initial premise which cuts it off entirely from our present world. This break must be made in the reading of, and the writing of, all good fiction...a made-up world must be presented. But there is much more pressure on a science fiction writer, for the break is far greater than in mainstream fiction."

In 1976, for another collection, he wrote: "The majority of these stories were written when my life was simpler and made sense. I could tell the difference between the real world and the world I wrote about. The stories in this collection are attempts at reception--at listening to voices from another place, very far off, sounds quite faint but important. They only come late at night, when the background din and gabble of our world have faded out. Then, faintly, I hear voices from another star. Of course, I don't usually tell people this when they ask, 'Say, where do you get your ideas?' I just say I don't know. It's safer."

"Beyond Lies the Wub"
"The Gun"
"The Skull"
"The Little Movement"

"The Defenders"
"Mr. Spaceship"
"Piper in the Woods"
"The Infinites"
"Second Variety"
    Basis for the 1996 film
" Screamers"

"The World She Wanted"
"The Cookie Lady"
    Basis for the 2002 film
" Impostor"

"Martians Come in Clouds"
    aka "The Buggies"
    Basis for the 2003 film
" Paycheck"

"The Preserving Machine"
"The Cosmic Poachers"
    aka "Burglar"
    aka "He Who Waits"
"The Indefatigable Frog"
"The Commuter"
"Out in the Garden"
"The Great C"
"The King of the Elves"
    aka "Shadrach Jones and the Elves"
    Basis for the 2012 film
" King of the Elves"

"The Trouble with Bubbles"
    aka "Plaything"
"The Variable Man"
"The Impossible Planet"
    aka "Legend"
"Planet for Transients"
    aka "The Itinerants"
"Some Kinds of Life"
    aka "The Beleagured"
"The Builder"
"The Hanging Stranger"
"Project: Earth"
    aka "One Who Stole"
"The Eyes Have It"
"Tony and the Beetles"

"Prize Ship"
    aka "Globe From Ganymede"
"Beyond the Door"
"The Crystal Crypt"
"A Present for Pat"
"The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford"
"The Golden Man"
    aka "The God Who Runs"
"James P. Crow"
"Prominent Author"
"Small Town"
"Survey Team"
"Sales Pitch"
"Time Pawn"
    expanded as the novel "Dr, Futurity"
"Breakfast at Twilight"
"The Crawlers"
    aka "Foundling Home"
"Of Withered Apples"
"Exhibit Piece"
"Adjustment Team"
    Basis for the 2010 film
" The Adjustment Bureau"

"Shell Game"
"A World of Talent"
"The Last of the Masters"
    aka "Protection Agency"
"Upon the Dull Earth"
"The Father-Thing"
"Strange Eden"
    aka "Immolation"
"Jon's World"
    aka "Jon"
"The Turning Wheel"

"Foster, You're Dead"
"Human Is"
"War Veteran"
"Captive Market"
"The Hood Maker"
    aka "Immunity"
"The Chromium Fence"
"Service Call"
"A Surface Raid"
"The Mold of Yancy"
"Psi-Man Heal My Child!
    aka "Psi-Man" and "Outside Consultant"

minority report
Special Edition of "The Minority Report"
released in 2002.

"The Minority Report"
    Basis for the 2002 film
" Minority Report"

"To Serve the Master"
    aka "Be As Gods!"
"Pay for the Printer"
"A Glass Of Darkness"
    Magazine version of "The Cosmic Puppets"

"The Unreconstructed M"

    aka "Looney Lemuel"

"Explorers We"
"Recall Mechanism"
"Fair Game"
"War Game"

"All We Marsmen"
    Serial version of "Martian Time-Slip"
    aka "Top Stand-by Job"
"What'll We Do with Ragland Park?"
    aka "No Ordinary Guy"
"The Days of Perky Pat"
"If There Were No Benny Cemoli"

A. Lincoln Simulacrum (1969)
"Novelty Act"
"Oh, to Be a Blobel!"
"The War With The Fnools"
"What the Dead Men Say"
    aka "Man with a Broken Match"
"Orpheus with Clay Feet"
"Cantata 140"
"A Game of Unchance"
"The LIttle Black Box"
"Precious Artifact"
"The Unteleported Man"
    Magazine version of the novel

"Retreat Syndrome"
"Project Plowshare"
    Serial version of "The Zap Gun"

"We Can Remember It for You Wholesale"
    Basis for the 1990 film "Total Recall"
"Holy Quarrel"
"Your Appointment Will Be Yesterday"

"Return Match"
"Faith of Our Fathers"

"Not by Its Cover"
"The Story to End All Stores for Harlan Ellison's Anthology Dangerous Visions"

"The Electric Ant"
"A. Lincoln, Simulacrum"
    Serial version of the novel

"The Pre-Persons"
"A Little Something for Us Tempunauts"

"The Exit Door Leads In"

"Chains of Air, Web of Aether"
    aka "The Man Who Knew to Lose"
    also part of "The Divine Invasion"
"Rautavaara's Case"
"Frozen Journey"
    aka "I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon"

"The Alien Mind"

"Strange Memories of Death"

"Cadbury, The Beaver Who Lacked"
"The Day Mr. Computer Fell Out of Its Tree"
"The Eye of the Sibyl"
"A Terran Odyssey"

"Goodbye, Vincent"

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