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Film Title:  The Adjustment Bureau
Based on the 1954 short story
"Adjustment Team" by Philip K. Dick

Release Date:
March 4, 2011

George Nolfi

Cast and Characters:
Matt Damon as David Norris
Emily Blunt as Elise Sellas
Jessica Biel as Liz
Anthony Mackie as Harry Mitchell
John Slattery as Richardson
Terence Stamp as Thompson

Screenplay by George Nolfi
Producers: George Nolfi, Chris Moore, Michael Hackett, Bill Carraro, Isa Dick Hackett, Joel Viertel

Studios/Production Companies:
Universal Studios/Media Rights Capital present
A Gambit Pictures Production
In Association with Electric Shepherd Productions

About the Film:
Matt Damon plays David Norris, a charismatic congressman who seems destined for national political stardom. He meets a beautiful ballet dancer named Elise Sellas, played by Emily Blunt, only to find strange circumstances keeping their sparks from catching fire. A mysterious team of agents seem to be tailing the would-be couple, and it is soon revealed that behind the curtain of apparent reality there is an elaborate team of men influencing and “adjusting” the events in all of our day-to-day lives.

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