Mary And The Giant

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Mary And The Giant  
Mary And The Giant
By Philip K. Dick

Originally published in 1987
Currently out of print in the United States

  Plot Summary:
Mary Anne Reynolds yearns to escape the confines of Pacific Park, California; of her abusive father; and of her stifling existence. Her struggle for identity leads her to the California jazz scene, to several older men, and to a reality as strange and gripping as any of Philip Dick's science fiction. Mary and the Giant is a deeply affecting tale of hope and tragedy as seen through the eyes of a frighteningly real young woman.
"This slice of life novel, a classic tale of 1950's frustration, has considerable literary merit both for characterization and the vividness of its setting...Even now, it has a strong sense of relevancy and deserves a wide readership."
    - Library Journal

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Mary and the Giant
Mary and the Giant 2 (Japan)
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