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Deus Irae  
Dr. Futurity
By Philip K. Dick

Originally published in 1960
Limited availability
Trade Paperback Coming From Vintage, August 2005

  Plot Summary:
Dr. Jim Parsons is hurled into the future and discovers the enormous consequences of the technocrats' seizure of control and creation of an American paradise free from poverty and disease.
"The time traveling in this book has the twists of some of the better short stories I've read about time travel, and is quite satisfying in the end." Read more...
    Eric Weeks, August, 1998 (for If Magazine)

Dr. Futurity Cover Art Gallery

Dr. Futurity
Dr. Futurity 2
Dr. Futurity 3 (French) Artist: Pascal Vercken
Dr. Futurity 4 (French)
Dr. Futurity 5
Dr. Futurity 6
Dr. Futurity 7
Dr. Futurity 8 (Italian)
Dr. Futurity 9 (Polish)
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