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Dr. Bloodmoney
By Philip K. Dick

Originally published in 1965
Trade paperback published by Vintage
Currently available

  Plot Summary:
Dr. Bloodmoney is a post-nuclear-holocaust masterpiece filled with a host of Dick’s most memorable characters: Hoppy Harrington, a deformed mutant with telekinetic powers; Walt Dangerfield, a selfless disc jockey stranded in a satellite circling the globe; Dr. Bluthgeld, the megalomaniac physicist largely responsible for the decimated state of the world; and Stuart McConchie and Bonnie Keller, two unremarkable people bent the survival of goodness in a world devastated by evil. Epic and alluring, this brilliant novel is a mesmerizing depiction of Dick’s undying hope in humanity.

"This is a novel about transformations, the creation of evil, and the sheer persistence of the human spirit to overcome it its most mundane manifestations. Still relevant today, even if we aren't expecting the bombs to fall on our heads any minute now -- because the bombs have taken other forms and they may still fall. Even without our knowing it."
David Soyka, SFSite. Read entire review....

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Dr. Bloodmoney
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Dr. Bloodmoney 7 (French) Artist:Tibor Csernus
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Dr. Bloodmoney 10 (Italian)
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Dr. Bloodmoney 13 (Italian)
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